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Aeon Empires is a 100% web browser-based space strategy game and runs in real time. The goal is to become the dominant player in the galaxy, and how you do it, is all up to you...

Beta 5 running since 2011-12-28

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Play Aeon Empires and discover

- Play for free as long as you want, any place, anywhere, anytime,
- Develop the economy of your colonies, trade with other planets,
- Discover the vast tech tree of 300+ technologies,
- Build and design and customize your own ships,
- Train your armies and build defenses on your colonies,
- Battle in space to gain control of orbits of foreign planets,
- Steal your enemies' resources, conquer their colonies,
- Develop the conquered colonies for yourself, or plunder them,
- Join one or create your own alliance, be part of the global diplomacy,
- Lead the fate of thousands of planets belonging to many other players,
- Send reinforcements to your allies when they need help, betray them when they deserve it,
- Become a pirate lone wolf and hit who you want, where you want and when you want...

Latest news

  Galaxy Gamma has been extended, Galaxy Delta now open for registration2014-02-20 09:36:02  
Sorry for the lack of response (since a while), but because people were asking about it: I have extended Gamma for a few more months, and opened up a new Galaxy Delta as well.

You may have thoughts about why there has been so little response the last months, but these reasons are quite personal and not rather a subject I'd like to get in to, but I am not sure how much longer this would be taking. Regardless to say, I'll keep this game running for now obviously, but don't expect much changes for the time being :)

Enjoy Gamma and Delta though...

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